Sponsors and Partners

Non-profit organizations usually run on a very tight budget! Whether it be time or money, it is often the most challenging thing we deal with. There are special few local businesses and organizations that have shown us a tremendous amount of support over the years. We feel it is only appropriate that they are recognized for the outstanding generosity. 

Moorhead Parks and Recreation

We have a special place in our hearts for this group!  Every trail project we visited with them about has been listened to and supported with their fullest support.  We couldn't do any of these projects without them.  If you like the trails you're currently riding, send them an email or give them a call.  They deserve the thanks

Merrill Lynch - Fargo

A couple of our members are employees of Merrill Lynch and every year they have been generous in donations and helping to support the Fargo Moorhead Trailbuilders mission.  For your continuous dedication and support, we thank you!  If you're looking for a dedicated and trustworthy group of financial professionals, you definitely need to visit with someone at Merrill Lynch.  

OPP Construction

Machines make projects much much easier.  OPP has allowed us access to invaluable tools that make our lives easier and our trails better.  Thank you OPP.  If you need landscaping, concrete, paving stones, irrigation or another project, please give them a call.  

Paramount Sports

Paramount Sports is another annual supporter.  From volunteer hours to donations in race/event prizes and financial support, Paramount has been there from the beginning.  If you need a bike, a wrench, or just a good place to talk shop, head on down to South University and stop in.  

RDO Equipment

RDO has helped us obtain some critical power equipment needed for trail development and maintenance at a reasonable price AND helped us financially.  As a small organization we've been able to get a hold of tools we never thought possible.  If you're in the market for saw, blower, whacker, or even a tractor or lawnmower, RDO has some of the best.  

Fredrikson and Byron Law Firm - Mike Raum

HUGE thanks to Mike Raum for helping us through the years on the legal work!  We wouldn't be where we are today without his help.  

Gate City Bank

Here's a case of a great organization that is very active in the community.  They've been generous and helped us with our budget needs!  Thanks Gate City!