We do this because we love it. 

The Fargo Moorhead Trailbuilders are dedicated to building, maintaining, and promoting non-paved, natural trails to support the outdoor lifestyle in the FM area.
It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our organization is able to execute its mission. There are far too many people we need to recognize for a single website. We're fortunate to have so many eager helpers. But below are the current leadership and board members. 


Jason Artley - President - An avid cyclist and community asset!  

Tom Heilman - Vice President - Founder and Strava addict.

Matt Steele - Secretary - A good looking guy and always active participant.  

Erik Willert - Treasurer - The money man!  

Board of Directors

Jason Artley 

David Henry

Pat Crary

Brandon Anderson

Tom Heilman

Greg Ames

Our fearless officers

In 2010 a group of off road cyclists got together and decided it was time for a cohesive and enjoyable off road trail in the Fargo Moorhead area. Hard work, weed whacking, log removal and lots of bug spray all led to a 2.5 mile singletrack trail at MB Johnson Park in Moorhead MN. Word spread and since it's completion in July of 2010, it has gained much attention from the local biking community as well as regular park visitors. The first ever Red River Bicycle Festival with Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, and Races in addition to Bike Polo and just having fun with bikes was held that September.

The response to this effort was overwhelmingly positive and has spurred numerous conversations to continue efforts to establish and promote the use of off road recrerational trails for biking, hiking, and just getting out doors. Initially it was just an underground movement, but after so many offers to help and eagerness by individuals to expand, it was evident an organization should be formed to unify inviduals and create a cohesive game plan moving forward.

We hope to work closely with the cities of Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding communities to identify and establish potential locations for off road trails. This is a volunteer group and is new so of course there will be lots of learning, but we hope it will continue on to help promote these types of activities for everyone to enjoy!

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